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About Us: Officially launched November, 2019, Spot-Oh Services by Spotto, as the name suggests, is the brain child of Spotto (Christopher Venal). Spotto together with Charisma Mae Malong share the same vision, they are driven to help. Spot-Oh Services is committed to building long-lasting relationships with clients by providing quality services at competitive pricing. We have an extensive team capable of delivering Spot-Oh's comprehensive cleaning solutions for all your residential and commercial cleaning requirements. Our cleaners, the Spot Teams, join Spot-Oh bringing years of experience. The Spot Teams are fully insured and undergo additional training to ensure that they are up to the current standards. Our Vision: We are committed to providing quality service and customer satisfaction whilst providing a one-stop cleaning and maintenance service. We are able to deliver on this vision by: Providing a project-based quote rather than an hourly quote. We will complete the service to standard rather than being driven (rushed by time/budget). This means you don't have to worry about going over time and having to pay more. We will complete the service to standard regardless of the duration. Quotes are tailored. With the advancement in technologies, cleaning agents, equipment and even processes, we endeavour to keep our Spot teams trained. Our managerial team practises the hands-on approach; visiting sites, training staff and also cleaning alongside the Spot teams. Routine and spot checks are also performed to ensure quality of service does not fall below standard.

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