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Why choose Spectacles 241?

At specs 241, we have the experience and equipment to do all basic and major repairs. Sat on your glasses? Not a problem. Bring them in and we will straighten them up for you. Lost a screw? We will replace it for you free of charge. We do not charge for frame alignment, tightening, cleaning or screw replacements. It's part of our efforts to continually look after our patients. We replace nose pads for a small fee of $5 a pair, we can solder all broken metal frames excluding titanium on the spot for $15. Has your temple broken off? not a problem, bring them in and we will happily look through our huge range of spare parts and find something to match as close a possible to keep you seeing the world through your own eyes. Have a frame which you love but your prescription has changed, we can fit new lenses into your existing frame. We know that you can't leave your only pair of glasses with the optometrist while new lenses are been made, as is the current case with most optometrist taking anything from 1 to 2 weeks to have them back to you from the laboratories over east. We simply take all the measurements off the frame and give them back to you to use while your lenses are been manufactured. Once the lenses are in store, we contact you and ask you to bring in your frame, we will fit your new lenses while you wait or as we call it a Wait Frame. This edging process takes only 30-45mins. Go have a coffee or lunch, you will only be without your glasses for the shortest time.

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