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Smart Corporate Solutions Group Pty Ltd
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Smart Corporate Solutions Group (SCS Group) is an Australian-owned and operated company and the parent brand to Smart Cleaning Solutions, which offers market leading Commercial Cleaning and Property Services integrated and bespoke solutions across th
Fantastic Services Melbourne
1 Review
True professionals who are highly motivated to do the job. Trained to do all cleaning aspects, been through extensive training sessions in order to match the Fantastic Standard. And if skills and heart are not enough, they are equipped with high-end
Clean House Melbourne
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Welcome to Clean House Melbourne We’re here to transform your home or office into the meticulously clean and happy place you have always wanted it to be.We are a family-run cleaning company with standards of operation that will exceed your expectati
Houseproud Adelaide
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Why choose HouseProud Cleaners • Friendly service & approachable team • We arrive when we say we will, working around your schedule • We do what we say we’ll do, every time • We leave your home fresh and sparkling • We provide all cleaner produ
Sydney Local Cleaners
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Cleaners in Sydney House cleaning Sydney and Commercial cleaning Sydney from cleaning industry’s most reliable cleaning enterprise offers domestic and business cleaning offerings that include workplace cleaning offerings in Sydney and corporate and
Pauls Cleaning Sydney
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Paul’s team specialises in residential and office cleaning services in the area of Sydney. Our cleaning company boasts extensive experience in providing regular and one-off cleaning for your home or business property alike. Our qualified cleaning te
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A Directory Just for Cleaners

What we do Differently

Cleaners Near Me is powered by Google Maps so that the closest Cleaner is at the top of our home page without any need to filter and sort results.

The closest Cleaner to where you are right now, this is our guarantee.

We are a flat rate directory that supports large and small businesses equally, helping you to find the right Cleaner; call, message, email or click to contact the Cleaner that best suits your needs.

Because is a targeted industry directory, it not only helps local Cleaners increase sales inquiries, but it also helps the websites of local Cleaners to rank higher on Google Organic search and Google My Business.

What Problem are we Solving?

Someone needed to give small Cleaners a level playing field on a high-ranking directory for Cleaners.

Every other web directory and digital platform where people search for Cleaners is fundamentally flawed for the public by a premium based advertising business model where 'whoever pays more gets prominence'. We are unique in that we see the searchers needs as more important than an advertisers marketing budget.

In addition, we are focused on the task of connecting people with Cleaners on an Industry Specific website. Nothing but Cleaners can be found on

How we do it

'Near Me' is a popular search term used across a wide variety of inquiries on the internet including people searching for local Cleaners.

Cleaners Near Me is unlike any other directory, our home page is the search results page and there is nothing but precisely what you are looking for, sorted by the nearest to your location.

Contact with the Cleaner you want is immediate via phone, text, email with links to their website and other social platforms.

With a Google Map on each advertiser's webpage, you can launch Directions via Google Maps to take you there.

Where Do We Operate

Based in Australia, is a global directory with over 13,000 location pages ensuring coverage is wide yet focused on a single purpose of connecting people with Cleaners.

No Matter where you are searching from, you can be assured you will find the closest Cleaner at the top of our Home Page.

Who is Cleaners Near Me? is owned and operated by Findit Near Me Pty Ltd ABN 59 652 793 201, where we operate a comprehensive range of industry focused directory websites.

Each Findit Near Me website is what's called a 'Niche Industry Directory', which is highly regarded by Google as a NAPW Citation.

See more of our directories at Findit Near Me

How to find the Right Cleaner

Sometimes we get so busy that we struggle to keep on top of the simplest things. Whether you need someone weekly, are looking for that end of lease clean – or all things in between, hiring a cleaning service for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

Hiring someone to come in and clean your house is a strange and sometimes confusing experience. Are they wondering why you couldn’t do it yourself? Would they prefer you’re not home? How much cleaning do you need to do before they get there?

You are going to be allowing someone, quite possibly a stranger, into the most private areas of your home. These are areas that you likely shut off when you have even your closest friends over, so allowing someone to see behind those closed doors can feel like an invasion of privacy.

At the end of the day hiring a professional cleaner can be a life changing experience, imagine freeing up all that time!

Here are some questions to ask and helpful things to consider when searching for the right one.

How do they set their rates?

Many cleaners set hourly rates, but some will charge per project or by the number of people needed to do a job. Ask if there is a higher fee for the initial visit, and then a flat fee for subsequent visits.

End of Lease cleans are a whole other matter so ensure you specify exactly what the estate agent needs done.

Are they insured?

Improper use of cleaning products could damage your home and furnishing, so make sure your cleaning company has public liability and property damage insurance.

Do they bring their own equipment and supplies?

Some cleaners will bring everything; some will expect you to provide equipment like a vacuum and mop. If you have allergies, or a prefer environmentally friendly products, it's best to ask which cleaning products will be used.

What kind of cleaning do they offer?

Some cleaning may be general. This includes dusting and cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and floors – but not things like ovens, fridges, windows or cars (yes, people really request car cleans).

If you do want a specific job done, make sure you book the cleaner in for this beforehand, and understand they probably won’t have time to clean the rest of the house as well.

How much experience do they have?

A cleaner’s experience can play a big role in the quality of work done and how quickly they do it.

Do they perform a background check?

If you're hiring from a cleaning company, ask if they perform a background check on their employees. Otherwise, if you're hiring individuals, ask for references.

Make sure you know whether this is included up front or whether there is an additional cost.

What should you do with your pets while they clean?

Most cleaners would prefer you to place your pet outside, or in a secure area within the home, while they're cleaning. If your pet must stay inside, ask if your cleaner has any allergies to pets

If hiring through a company, will the same people be cleaning every time?

If you're using a service, this is vital — you'll get a more consistent clean if you use the same people.

In summary

There’s no feeling more satisfying than being in a fresh home you didn’t have to clean yourself. Clean homes and organised spaces are proven to reduce stress, improve happiness, and even improve your eating and exercise habits. Reducing clutter will also increase productivity at home, because everything is in it’s place. Now put your feet up and relax…

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